AYTAÇ MACHINING Co. is an experienced Metal Machining Company involved in manufacturing of cast – iron parts, mainly OEM for automotive industry and spare part for passenger cars.


1987:  Aytaç Makina  has been established in Dudullu Industrial Zone, Istanbul. Total area was around 700 sqm at that time.
Aytac Makina has been producing spare parts for automotive industry, various parts for construction industry and heavy construction equipment since several years.
1989:  As a milestone in his history, Aytaç Makina started manufacturing of Original Spare Parts for Mercedes Benz Turk A.Ş (Truck and Bus Facilities)
1990: The company has been started manufacturing of “Track Control Arms” for Passenger Cars like Fiat, Renault, Ford and Peugeot.
1993: The Company had manuel machining and tooling until 1993. Started from this date, Aytaç Makina began to replace its conventional machines with new generation CNC machinery and modern tools. The first 5 axis machine sold in Turkey belongs to Aytaç.
1998: Increasing demand forced Aytaç Makina to give better service to his customers; Aytaç Makina started construction of a Plant in Aksaray Industrial Zone. The factory has 20.000 sqm land with closed area 2000 sqm.
2002: Aksaray Factory started production.
2004: As a result of increasing demand for production capacity and though competitive market, the Company started to invest in a new and modern premise in Istanbul. The new Factory has 8000 sqm land with a closed area 3850 sqm.
2006: Istanbul factory started production.
2006: ISO 9001 and ISO / TS 16949 Quality Management System Certification have been achieved for both Factories.